The Settle & Carlisle Railway

"We refused to let this line die, not least because of its history. Not only did people die building the railway, It became the life of this community, and people lived and breathed this railway all the way from Settle to Carlisle."
Mike Harding


1. 11/11/16 - Update: General Updates & content change. Home pages & Contract No1 amended.

Welcome to Version 3 of my website, A Photographers Settle and Carlisle, the complete visual recored of this iconic railway.

This website rewrite is a massive task but it was time for a refresh. I wanted to provide a
“Responsive” site that enables all platforms (Smart Phones/Tablets/Laptops/Desktops) to view the site in an automatic and optimised format.

This site has literally thousands of images available to the visitor. I have recently upgraded the image viewing software and am also working hard to ensure that every image loads as quickly as possible but this remains a compromise between the quality of the displayed image and speed of loading. It is very hard to satisfy the needs of those viewing on a small Smart Phone and those on a Hi. Res. monitor. I am aiming to have every image on the site optimised and this takes time!

I have decided to change the old format where I employed separate galleries for all the major types of structure for the entire line. In this update I have divided the line into 5 areas that represent all 5 Contracts awarded by The Midland Railway. Each contract has detailed information and Images for all the major structures within the Contract area.

Finally you will note that this project is
“Work in Progress”! I decided to upload the incomplete site as the whole task is so huge I felt it better to start the updates than wait an age until everything is perfect. I will be updating regularly and will update this Home Page with a link to all updates as they occur.

Hope you like the updates, please be patient. This site is the only site that catalogues & provides high quality images of all the major structures along The Settle and Carlisle Railway as well as others such as Churches, Castles, Monuments etc.

I suspect this may well be the last major rebuild and so I am striving to ensure it is the best I can achieve.

All the best.

Nick & Keld
8th February 2016

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